The Reason Why OkCupid’s ‘Crazy Blind Date’ Application Is An Awful Idea

If any people have actually a profile on OkCupid, or follow some online dating writers & twitterers, you’re probably knowledgeable about the application that they established known as Crazy Blind Date. They rolled it out by pronouncing 1 day recently “Blind Date Day” and blurring out the profile photographs of all of the consumers, promoting them to simply take a chance and message some one without having to be able to see their own picture.

The app follows the exact same principles – meet up with some one at a location of the choosing, knowing merely what their age is, gender and sexual direction, and view what the results are. Our forecast? This wont last long, and discover exactly why.

People are low. Perhaps the minimum shallow among us who worth intelligence, creativeness, enthusiasm or humor above looks still care about shows. If you’re searching for an enchanting or sexual match, handful of physical attraction is essential.

It isn’t really secure. An on-line online dating profile just gives you photos of the person you’re communicating with but inaddition it provides you a general sense of just who that person is and where they might drop on a size of 1 to Serial Killer. Without the necessary information to possess a gut instinct about an individual, fulfilling some body on wild Blind Date isn’t any distinct from catching a stranger regarding the train and having the possibility.

Its enjoyable until it isn’t. The amount of people have gone on a night out together with some body we came across on the internet and believed we’d some thing in accordance with, and then discover that the shared interests just weren’t strong enough to carry on a conversation? I imagine a night out together from wild Blind Date shall be even worse than that. In the beginning it seems like a great new indisputable fact that will result in good story or two, but we predict it is going to easily become a “How much cash longer until i could keep?” situation.

The income product is actually risky. The application is free, together with matchmaking solution is free of charge; OkCupid intentions to make the cash by inquiring users to purchase their day “kudos”. (One kudos costs $0.99 and ten kudos costs $2.99). Should you have a good time and enjoyed the big date, you have to pay the app to give the date kudos; the greater amount of kudos somebody has actually, the larger they rank in program. Possible nevertheless message your partner though, doing away with the inducement to cover any amount of money. (and, mobiles! Texting! Endless strategies for communicating beyond your application!) Unless OkCupid intentions to work this software as a great part opportunity that isn’t built to generate sustainable and repeating profits but rather direct much more customers their primary web site, then I predict this software don’t keep going very long.

Perhaps you have heard of nuts Blind Date? Do you really end up being ready to try it out?

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